Hello, stranger! Or are you a friend?

I’m Karen Sawrey, Technical Writer / Tech Copywriter, public speaker on topics that cover documentation, data protection, and diversity. You might also know me as the musician behind August Killing Season or the author of cat portraits and urban sketches at Myaoormya (which is what my cat says when he is hungry). Welcome!

On the rare occasion that I’m not out there writing, playing, speaking at IT conferences, or sketching in some café over a cup of the strongest coffee they serve, you may bump into me while I’m travelling and shooting pictures of my favorite rock bands on tour.

Currently, the most fun part of this site is blog. Still didn’t get used to remote work? Make sure to check out my post on staying sane and productive while working from home.

If you’re here for Write The Docs Prague 2019 takeaway goodies for my talk “Disagree with “I Agree”. Enforcing better data privacy (and GDPR compliance) through the language of documentation”, look here.